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A house is a box of rooms. But a home is something more. It’s where families grow together. Where big dreams take shape. Where journeys are planned, and discoveries are made. 


At Trade Design Studio, we don’t simply design houses. Our mission is to craft enduring, beautiful homes in historic Indianapolis neighborhoods. We understand our work will affect homeowners’ lives for years to come. We also understand it will affect other lives, too. A home, after all, is not an island. It is part of a neighborhood, and neighborhoods are at their best when the homes that occupy them honor their character and history.


With that in mind, Trade Design Studio specializes in designing contemporary homes that fit seamlessly into historic neighborhoods. By blending traditional styles with modern aesthetics and amenities, we craft homes that are connected to the past and equipped for the future. 


If you’re a homeowner looking to buy, check out current available homes here.


If you’re a developer or homeowner who wants to partner with us on your next project, contact us today.


Trade Design Studio is owned and operated by Melissa Iannucci, a residential architect who has been bringing creative solutions to homeowners in the Midwest for more than 20 years.


After graduating at the top of her class at Georgia Tech, Melissa earned a Master's of Architecture from Boston Architectural College where she won the Best of Thesis Award. Her work there led her to win the Alpha Rho Chi Medal, an honor for leadership, service, and professional merit.


Prior to launching Trade Design Studio, Melissa worked on teams designing high-end homes on the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago and condo buildings in downtown Indianapolis. Melissa served for three years as President of her neighborhood 501(c)3, the Herron Morton Place Foundation, where she helped to start the beloved Octoberfest, assisted with the sale of the Foundry at 16th and Alabama, and spearheaded the acquisition of the greenspace next to the HMP Park. 


Today Melissa focuses on partnering with homeowners and developers to create beautiful, livable homes in walkable and connected urban neighborhoods in Indianapolis. 


Interested in working with Melissa? Contact Trade Design Studio now.

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